Latex Shoe Fetish – Goddess Christina – Submission ACTIVATED

 Goddess Christina  Submission ACTIVATED  preview

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You can’t help yourself. Only I can. You never planned to be in the place you are now. Weak. Pathetic. Vulnerable. Powerless. You envisioned your life to be quite different. But here you are. In this predicament. One you can’t claw your way out of. You’ve become quite comfortable on your knees. Gazing up at perfect powerful women like Me. It feels all too familiar. As if you were born to exist just as you are. You and I – we are not equals. Your mind and body responds and shows you this truth. They show you just how powerless you really are. One glance, one word, one Goddess to rule them all. There’s no key to unlock the door and leave. No solution for you. This is why you exist. My words penetrate deep and reassure you that you’re on the correct path. You find comfort in the presentation of these truths. You can’t imagine life any other way. You’re here – today, tomorrow, the next, and on and on. Submission ACTIVATED.