Asian Princess – AstroDomina – COMING SOON – FULL VERSION feat AstroDomina and Misty Stone

 AstroDomina  COMING SOON  FULL VERSION feat AstroDomina and Misty Stone  preview

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The complete 4-part series featuring the hottest Femdom Bondage content, now available as one download, at a discounted price.
Two helpless slaves, all tied up with rope and gagged with duct tape. The reason for this mayhem? Max the burglar ransacked another house. The two guys were left to their own devices while Max and her partner Misty emptied the house of all valuables. Chest harness, legs tied together and a duct tape gag. That’s not enough for Max as she quickly adds a chastity device on both slaves and stuffs their mouths with panties before applying new duct tape. Much to the horror of the slaves, she walks off with the keys and flushes them down the toilet. She has big plans for them. Two pretty boys like that will fetch a good price on the slavers market. They won’t need their dicks anymore, just their butt holes.
Part 2 – The Transport
After completing the burglary and securing the two new slaves, Sydney and her accomplice Misty need to transport the slaves to their new location. After making sure the coast is clear, they have one of the slaves carry the other one into the trunk of the car. Once there, the suffering doesn’t end for the slaves. While Sydney gets behind the wheel, Misty stays in the back with the slaves and has her way with them. Using her crop, pulling their ropes and just having a grand ole time with them.Sydney places a call and puts the wheels in motion for the sale and drop off. Once the details are worked out and agreed to, the group takes off. If the slaves thought they were safe from Misty’s abuse while in the car, they clearly had no idea who they’re dealing with. Next stop, the new owners’ house.
Part 3 – The Delivery
Sydney and Misty delivered the two new slaves to their new owners’ house. And their delivery is full service. Both slaves are tied and gagged and the two Dommes are having some fun while they wait for the new owners to come home. One last chance to use them however they see fit. Cocks already locked up in chastity, the slaves get blindfolds as well. Sydney came prepared with a pair of butt plugs for the slaves. Always good to do some anal training before delivering the product. Misty takes care of her slave first. Face down ass up is the best way to plus up the ass. Of course, once the Dommes get a taste of anal play, there’s a logical next step. Stay tuned.
After prepping both slaves with anal plugs, the Dommes decided the next logical step is to put some big strapons up their asses. They tease and taunt both the slaves for a bit and finally put the strapons on. And IN their respective slave boys. It’s not quite clear if the slaves love it or hate it, the grunts and groans are indecisive. One thing that’s beyond any doubt is how much the Dommes are enjoying themselves. Especially Misty who tries out a bunch of different positions. After the Dommes are done fucking the slaves up the ass, they’ll be nice and warmed up for their new owners. Another successful mission completed.