Brat Girls – Brat Princess 2 – Amber and Nika – Rinsing Tips (Making it Super Fun)

 Brat Princess 2  Amber and Nika  Rinsing Tips Making it Super Fun  preview

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This clip was up for a short time and we got a customer complaint about how cruel it was and “psychology damaging” it is for Beta’s to be treated this way. We decided to take it down and make it meaner. We put back in a mean section that we took out. That’s what you get for complaining. Watch it again freak and cry us a river!
This clip is meant to be a fun! A beta deserves to be rinsed and used. The point of the video is that it doesn’t have to be screaming and beatings. It can be super fun for both the beta and its key holder. It is really meant for key holders to watch. We think it is a super gift idea for a beta to give this to his key holder. The clip discusses some super fun ideas to get the most you can from your beta in a rinse and to make it as humiliating as possible. Perfect timing for Valentine’s day! Write your shopping list on your slaves face and take it to the mall and remember to HAVE FUN!
…And for the “fan” that complained: This beta, like all beta’s, has a penis less than 6 inches. This makes him a beta and in mandatory chastity. His key holder can use him as much as She wants. The beta has no one to blame but itself. It deserves it. Tell your key holder you deserve more chastity time. More chastity will fix your attitude.