Dehumanisation – Sadistic Lucy – Human garbage

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What a filthy piece of scum this fat slob is! I’ve brought a nice meal for him to eat today. That’s right. My garbage! A bag full of goodies for him to devour, stinking and revolting, just like him! I force him out into the yard, and pour the contents of the garbage bag onto his stupid fat face and force the stinking rotten mouldy food into his filthy mouth. The bag is truly rancid, and there are bits of everything it it, including raw chicken skin which I make him suck on for me! THIS IS A DISGUSTINGLY MESSY CLIP! HUMILIATION AND DEGRADATION AT IT’S FINEST. I completely humiliate and dehumanise this worthless slave, and remind him of why he visits me, and after forcing him to eat the contents of my garbage, and throwing raw garbage into his face, I give him a slave bath in the freezing dirty water. THIS SLAVE IS TRULY HUMAN GARBAGE!