Gloves – Alice In Sissy Land – Crossdressing – Leather Catsuit Gasmask Breathplay – CBT Orgasms Crossdressing Fetishist

Alice In Sissy Land  Crossdressing  Leather Catsuit Gasmask Breathplay  CBT Orgasms Crossdressing Fetishist preview

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Some submissives love bondage so intense that it scares everyone else.
Instead of finding full body immobilization frightening, this leather slave welcomes the feeling of encasement and compression with a sense of safety. Bondage can be comforting as well as arousing. This slave lives by a motto: “the more bondage, the better!
We take extreme bondage to the next level, starting with a beautiful cobalt blue catsuit, then adding custom fitted leather gloves, booties and a sensory deprivation hood with a special built-in gasmask.
This shoot is a visual feast of color in the usually monochrome world of leather fetishists. There is not a speck of human skin visible on my colorful gimp when I start adding the locking straps.
Layers of leather and straps render my submissive completely helpless on the bondage chair. Soon, it is time to add breath play using the gas mask and a valved breathing bag.
Some of you might find this level of bdsm play terrifying, but others will find it sexy. I invite you to consider this extreme side of human sexuality with an open mind and confront your personal fears around being completely OUT OF CONTROL.
I am certain many people reading this secretly long to surrender complete control to a beautiful, dominant woman.
Would it be easier to accept your fate if I added a vibrator?
Would you be willing to trade your breath for a chance at an orgasm?
Even the most deviant, depraved and fetishistic sexual acts can seem normal when a sexy woman suggests them, especially as you are edging closer and closer to an explosive orgasm!
The closer he gets to cuming, the more I restrict his breathing.
Which will give in first?
His dick or his breath?
This dear submissive puts his trust in me for a deeply charged bdsm scene. Breath play is DANGEROUS and not for beginners. I look forward to my chance to play with this crossdressing fetishist because he is so genuine in his love for heavy bondage and so grateful afterwards. He glows for days after our intense, extended bondage scenes.
Through heavy bondage and female led subjugation, I help him find a sense of belonging inside his physical body. I offer him an escape from the constant, swirling thoughts of his intelligent mind and help him find peacefulness in service, feminization and leather objectification.
Bondage helps him to Be Here Now.