Kates-palace – Domina Kate’s Palace of Sin – The Interrogation 1

Domina Kates Palace of Sin  The Interrogation 1  preview

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Heavy boots can be heard approaching. They clatter down an iron ladder, rattle the shoddy railings and echo on the concrete floor of an abandoned industrial plant, where a suspect prisoner sits helplessly cuffed to a chair. He don’t wanta be there, but he ain’t goin’ nowhere. With a big, black sack inverted over his head, he can’t see a thing, and those cuffs are a whole lot stronger than he is. His anxiety swells as the heavy steps draw closer, and his first fearful impressions are not deceptive. He’s in big trouble! INTERROGATION SPECIALIST SCHMIDT is brutal and devotedly sadistic. SHE loves HER work. It will soon become crystal clear that in HER tireless search for the truth and nothing but the truth SHE has found the perfect excuse for acting out all of HER most uninhibited sadistic impulses. Wracked with unbearable pain, the panicky prisoner is about to learn that any resistance he offers will be just like throwing more fuel on the fire.