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you are kept locked in My cage naked in chastity as nothing more than My personal foot bitch. you were ordered to clean and polish My black stilettos while I was out and I ‘ve just come home to change My shoes. you hear the door open as you sit helpless in the cage , and get excited when you see Me walk in. My silver sandals step closer to the cage and I immediately command you to grovel and kiss the floor. you stare with pleading eyes as I remove My sandals. My divine feet completely own you. Sniff inside My shoe , bitch! I allow you to worship My bare feet , kissing and licking My soles , sucking My toes as I look down on you in amusement. you live to please Me. Since I have been starving you lately , I have decided to be kind enough to give you some of My sacred spit to drink. Look how it drops from My juicy lips , you be a good bitch and wait until I allow you to lick it off the floor. I get annoyed with how slow you are and stomp My stiletto sole in the spit and make you lick it from My sole. Pathetic – now get to work licking My silver sandals clean!