JOI foot fantasy – Dommelia – My Feet Can Make You Do Anything!

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Today we’re going to play sexual games with My feet, that will mind fuck you so deeply, that you’ll be psychologically destroyed and in a state of total submission and servitude. I’m going to rewire your brain so hard to associate sexual pleasure with My feet, that there will be no turning back, ever. Do you understand? Are you ready? Before you used to be a normal guy, you loved tits, you used to love ass, but something’s happened in your brain, now all you crave is feet. I’ve Mesmerized you that way and now you’re trapped in a vicious cycle of deepening addiction and obsession to My feet! This foot pussy is the one you crave, not normal pussy, you’ve totally lost interest in normal pussy or normal sex, because jerking to My feet feels so much better, the pleasure is so much more brutal and intense! Say it: jerking to My feet is better than sex! Say it as you jerk! Now say your cock only craves My feet, nothing else, only My feet! Good boy! Now kiss My feet on the screen loser, good boy, degrade yourself for them. Lick the screen. So pathetic, look what My feet have done to you! Hahaha! Now stare at My shiny soles and promise Me never to have sex again. Do it as you jerk your cock! Good boy, get that cock nice and hard.. now stop jerking! Take your hands off that cock! Continue staring at My soles, your hard cock is craving to cum and it will explode. You’re going to cum handless to My feet and it’s going to feel amazing. Are you ready? Beg Me for release! Beg harder! I’ll let you cum but you’re going to have to cum inside your hand and then lick it up. I want you to feel true humiliation and submission! Can you feel the pleasure build inside that rock hard cock, let it overwhelm you! Let it all out for My feet! Cum for My feet, submit to them and cum loser! Don’t take your eyes off My soles until every single drop of cum is out! Good boy ! So mind fucked you can cum handless for My feet! Hahah! Now dip that tongue into your cum. See it isn’t so bad! Now lick it all up. Good boy, do it because you love My feet, do it because you submit to My feet! Good boy!