Legs – Naomi’s Candid Stinky Size 11 Soles Part 7

Naomis Candid Stinky Size 11 Soles Part 7 preview

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Meet Naomi– –Size 11 Wide Feet– –23 years old– –Mixed– –Creole,Native American and Dominican– –1 of my new Favorite models– I contacted Naomi to do a shoot last week and she was happy and excited to do it.This was the first time that she had every done anything like this and she loved her feet.I asked her to send a few pictures of her feet and she did about a day later.Now,I knew she wore a size 11 but I wasn’t expecting her feet to be so fucking INCREDIBLE!!!!….The first few pictures weren’t good quality but you could see that she had some the widest,thickest,meatiest wrinkled soles.I sent her a text to send a few more upclose pictures to my phone.She did and I couldn’t believe how amazing her feet were.These are not your ordinary feet and I had never seen big wide chunky soles like this before. I knew I had to get her over here ASAP!!!…. Just from the cellphone pictures,these were some of my favorite feet that I had seen.I was so excited to see her in person and when she arrived I couldn’t stop staring at her feet.She was 6 feet tall and had on gladiator sandals and some of the longest prettiest toes.They were Hot pink and just screaming at me lol.I was instantly excited and hadn’t even seen her soles yet. We got ready and she propped her big size 11 Wide soles on the couch.It was crazy to see how wide and super wrinkly her soles were.She has those deep thick wrinkled soles that I just love.Her feet were insanely huge in person even tho she was tall and they commanded your attention.I had to really focus so that I wouldn’t be rock hard the whole shoot.I usually dont get excited during shoots but I couldn’t help it.Not only are her feet perfect,she knows how to move them also.I think she is the best at rubbing her soles together and moving her feet with her ankles are crossed.I could watch her rub her feet all day and she has a great toe spread and flexible feet as well. She was super cool and we got along very well.It felt like we had known each other for years lol.I told her about me having a foot fetish and answered alot of her questions.She was very curious about it and most of it was new to her.She also told me that her mom wears a size 12 wide and her sister wears an 11 wide. These are some of my new favorite clips and I know you guys are going to love her clips.I guarantee that these are some of the best clips on my clipstore and I honestly cant make it past 2 or 3 mins of each clips.