Wrinkled soles – Czech Soles – Two Asian schoolgirls foot fight and play

Czech Soles  Two Asian schoolgirls foot fight and play preview

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Asian goddesses Lynn and Sun have been friends as long as they can remember. They really love each other, they go to the same school and they even wear matching school uniforms with knee long sexy socks and skirts and light white shirts. They look so hot!
Sun and Lynn are both so comfortable around each other that they even experiment a bit with each other. Right now they’ve just returned from school and they want to play a video game. But there the fighting for gamepad starts. One girl is playing and the other starts to tease her, take off her socks and tickle her feet. Then the roles change and the other girl is being tickled. They fight and tease each other with a laughter for some time until they agree to stop and be nice to each other. That’s when they start watching a movie and put their feet on display. You can see those sexy feet and cute Asian girls from up close. Every detail of their feet is there just in front of you. Wish you were a still schoolboy? 🙂