Foot Fetish – Maya Sin starring in video ‘Be My Guest, Bitchboy’

Maya Sin starring in video Be My Guest Bitchboy preview

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Welcome to Grand Bitch Hotel. This exclusive House is designed to make ALPHA WOMEN feel at home when travelling. Dozens of faceless BETA BOYS are waiting down in the Lobby until they are called to their precious guests. Mistress MAYA SIN and her sist*r MELISANDE are frequent visitors of this five star FEMDOM etablissement. When they arrive, dressed in black latex and red suit, tired from the trip, they take their time and relax. Checking the phone, unpacking the suitcase full of WHIPS, CHAINS, GAGS, ROPES. But that is for later amusement. What they need most now, is some bitch boy that takes care of their tired FEET. So they call for a boy. Humbly he arrives, gets on his knees before these QUEENS. His greeting bouquet is used to SLAP him viciously. He greets the LADIES respectfully with KISSES to their HEELS. The SISTE*S order him to polish all their shoes, they moisten his mouth with their SPIT, then he LICKS all their footwear. But his duties are endless, what else are the gadgets on the bed for? His ordeal has just begun. Be my bitch, boy!