Scratching – Lady Bellatrix – Queen of Mean – Teased, Denied and Facesitting with Mistress Esme

Lady Bellatrix  Queen of Mean  Teased Denied and Facesitting with Mistress Esme  preview

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I invite Mistress Esme over for a rest over, yet we can’t help but feel let down by My house boy. After failing several basic tasks, we decide that we should try tease and denial as a last resort. Tying him up spread eagle in My bed, he is left in a vulnerable position for us to get up to our evil ways, She lightly tickles his sides with Her sharp fingernails as I firmly grab hold of his balls. When he makes too much noise, I silence him with some face sitting as Esme continues groping his man junk as She digs Her sharp fingernails into his balls. Putting My full weight on his face, She begins to knee him in the nutsack. We alternate and Esme smothers his face with Her ass while I dig My nails into his dick. But when he tries to touch Her inappropriately is when all hell breaks loose.