Trample – Miss Jasmine starring in video ‘Pee and Pain’ of ‘Club Stiletto’ studio

Miss Jasmine starring in video Pee and Pain of Club Stiletto studio preview

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Miss Jasmine is in her dungeon and has been subjecting her slave to a lot of pain. See clips Kick him Where it HURTS, She always Finds a Way to his Balls and Air or Ass to see what has happened so far. This scene opens showing the slave on the floor and Jasmine’s stiletto’s resting on his chest. The camera scans upwards and you see her scrumptious butt and then up to her face as she looks back over her shoulder. “Are you ready?” she asks her slave, “Are you ready for a treat?” Jasmine’s panties are tight in her butt crack and the pervert camera man can’t help but stop to give you a nice visual of her anus peaking out before moving around to the front of Mistress and slave. Jasmine points out all the marks on the slaves body from her previous cropping and trampling. “Some salted fluid might help heal these marks” Jasmine suggests, adding “I can help you with that, my bladder is very full.” She grinds her stilettos in the slaves chest and stomach before and gets him grunting in pain in no time.
Now we see Jasmine with her panties removed and she squats and empties her bladder. She must have a huge bladder because she can really piss gallons. She then sits back on the bench and again presses her heels into the slave some more. She is going to leave him there for a few hours and will come back to see how the healing is coming along.