Mixed Fighting – Epic Beatdowns – Megan and Ava Destroy Him

Epic Beatdowns  Megan and Ava Destroy Him  preview

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Not like either of these women need help destroying any man, but they wanted to have some fun together in a video and Mark was available. This was Mark’s first time meeting Ava, so Megan starts out before Ava takes over for a bit. Once both ladies had a turn…it was time to both go to work on him together. Mark definitely didn’t have an easy time in this one as both ladies score some amazing real knockouts on his sorry ass. They both seemed to enjoy all his taps and pleas for mercy but neither was in a giving mood…except for giving out some Sadistic Scissors. Ava was able to make one hell of an impression on Mark in this one and Megan actually goes harder when someone else joins in. This amazing duo shows why meeting them both could be the most entertaining thing you’ve ever done…along with the most dangerous.