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Posted: November 8, 2019
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Raptures Fetish Playground  Raptures Armpit  Ass Worship Treat  preview

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Kris has some good friends. Out for his bachelor party, his friends have treated him to a private lap dance by the stunning Muscle Goddess Rapture. Slutted out in the tiniest of briefs, a crop top that exposes her massive tits, and a pair of knee high boots, she slowly begins to grind herself on him. Rubbing her tits on his face & her ass on his chest, it is clear that Kris is enjoying himself. She plants her perfect ass on his by now throbbing cock, bouncing up and down on it, before turning around and attempting to fuck him through his shorts. Thoroughly happy with herself, and if that wasn’t enough, she strips all her clothes off and repeats it over again. While Kris seems to be having fun, his true desires eventually come out. After being caught smelling Rapture’s arm pits, and being warned to stop, he continues. Rapture, not too keen on men not listening to her, decides to teach him a lesson. She forces his face into her sweaty armpit. Kris is made to smell, kiss, and lick her freshly shaven, yet stinky pits. She strokes his cock as he is forced to worship them, licking away any remaining drops of sweat. Seeing that he is unable to contain himself and about to explode, Rapture once again shows she gives zero fucks about men; abruptly getting off of him and leaving him there. Alone and wondering what just happened.


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