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Smoking domination porn movies fetishize a not-so-great habit and turn into something extremely sexy. You’re going have a blast while going through these smoking fetish porn vids, they all are ~smoking~ hot (excuse the pun). So, smoking domination is not ALL about mistresses puffing into the ugly faces of their subs. Many people just presume that smoking femdom is very limited and uninspired, but it’s anything but. You see, some smoking fetish vids treat smoking as nothing more than a prop, so to speak. A mistress just tortures her slave senseless while she just happens to enjoy a cigarette along the way.

Some smoking femdom video clips lean more into the fetish itself, i.e. you will see a smoking mistress using her slave as a human ashtray or maybe even putting out cigarettes on his tongue/skin. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, those smoking mistress torture vids can get REAL freaking rough. Also, you can easily download all of them because there are no limitations, yet there are daily updates.