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Foot sniffing fetish is one of the most common you can possibly think of. Smelling girls’ feet is a hobby for many fetishists because… Well, because it feels amazing. That musky aroma is pretty fucking intoxicating and we’re not even talking about nylon feet sniffing yet. What you have to realize is that even if something seems weird on the surface, it might turn out to be the sexiest thing ever because our sexuality is weird like that.

OK, back to smelling girls’ feet. This femdom porn category focuses on the foot sniffing fetish, what else. You’re going to see mistresses bossing around their wimpy slaves and enjoying a foot sniffing (or two). The most popular “offshoot” here is nylon feet sniffing. The stench is way more pronounced that way, the foot sniffing also seems even nastier than it normally does. YMMV on how arousing this whole thing, but we encourage you to at least give this a try. Pick a video and download it, maybe this whole foot sniffing thing is EXACTLY what you were looking for.