Nylon – Arena Rome – No Peeking at Mommy’s Red Fishnets, Wrinkled Soles and Long Toes

Arena Rome  No Peeking at Mommys Red Fishnets Wrinkled Soles and Long Toes preview

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Alas you earn a stay up past your bedtime pass, but I decide that I need to have a little peace and quiet after my date. You can stay out here as long as you promise to keep it down and swear that you won’t be peeking at Mommy’s red fishnet clad legs, long toes and wrinkly soles. Be a good boy and promise me I really don’t feel like changing my clothes just yet, you know how warm and fuzzy it makes me feel to wear leather and fishnets on my leather chair. The last thing I need is you getting all excited once I take my heels off. I know what it does to you, it affected your Dad the same way whenever we were married. Especially when my toes poke out from the holes of my stockings and I stretch them out and arch my soles then scrunch them all back up over and over again. I know my pretty manicure just draws more attention to them, but still…NO PEEKING!