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Posted: June 6, 2019
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Mommy and junior are on a mommy-son road trip and sharing a hotel room although alrik may be too old for that now that he is growing up. Mommy is taking a bath so alrik figures its a good time to watch some porn and rub one out while he has the privacy. But before he knows it Mommy is getting dressed and he still hasn’t cum! She looks so hot in her silk nighty and he figures he might as well touch it to her. But she catches him in the act and grabs him by the crotch telling him that only perverts masturbate and that he will end up becoming a felon and a loser like his daddy if he behaves that way. So Mommy will fix the situation like she always did, with a good old fashioned over the knee spanking on his tush. She makes him pull down his superhero undies and comments on how he has grown all up! As she slaps his bottom she tells him about how bad boys go to hell and Mommy wants junior to go to heaven with her so they can be together forever and ever. Junior gets so excited at his little cock pressed up agains Mommy’s leg it gets hard and he starts humping her leg. Mommy is horrified but lets him do it anyways because she knows the pain is awful. After the punishment she soothes her baby boy by letting him crawl into her lap for a nice snuggle against her large bosom.


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