Balls – ‘Nurse Buttplug Therapy Humiliation’ of ‘Soccer Step-Mom Mistress’ studio

Nurse Buttplug Therapy Humiliation of Soccer StepMom Mistress studio preview

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OK THIS WAS FUN and we put the price on this at the LOWEST the C4S system would allow … we just want everyone to see it because we’re perverted voyeurs! LOL Butt (pun intended), my challenge is I don’t know what category to place it!? There is a lot of everything… Cuckold Small Penis Humiliation, Sissy Ass Plug Training, Ball busting, Edging, Handjob, Blowjob, Orgasm Denial, Taunting, Female Masturbation, Cowgirl Fucking, Caning, Paddling, Dick Slapping, Hood and Bit Gag, and Medical Roleplay. Fuck it, I’ll just put it in Cuckolding and Ball busting, the two things I enjoy most right now! Just check out the Preview!
I’ll try to keep this description as concise as possible, BUTT there is a lot going on. I let my sissy bitch out of chastity to play, and I’m sure he thought he was going to get to fuck and cum, and that WAS my original plan, but I just winged it, and he ended up rode hard and put away aching! I grabbed my naughty nurse outfit and inspected sissy’s cocklette and balls from behind, frequently paddling his balls, cock, and ass.
Thoroughly disappointed, I said “I think the biggest thing a doctor could help you with is this little dick. Maybe like invent a cock transplant or something? Maybe if we pull on it like this it will grow? If we milk it, will it will get bigger? It doesn’t seem to have helped.”
Trying to make it magically bigger, I try sucking him from behind, stretching it, beating it, but there IS a reason why you see so many of our videos here of me being properly fucked by OTHER real men!
Am I too mean when I tell him, while smacking his little pee wee, “Do you know how sad it is for women to feel this? Or should I say WANT to feel it? Questioning if its inside or not?”
So I decided to give him a progressive demonstration of what women really want to feel in our pussies… using HIS sissy pussy so he can feel the sensation differences. I said “Lets see… maybe I can give you an example? “Let’s say you are having sex with a woman, and she wants a really big cock?”, I said. I then inserted one, then two fingers in his pussy. “That is how YOU feel. Can you feel how that might be disappointing?”
I then take my time, moving up three more steps in size. First, an inflatable plug. Second, a long, thick plug, and lastly a really thick stretching plug. With each one, he gets a verbal lesson, some ass and ball beating, followed by some oral therapy to sooth him.
Cucky must have liked it, as he said “Thank you for teaching me what a real cock feels like” LOL What a wimp!
Then it was time to fire up the Hitachi corded vibrator and hold it on his big sissy pussy plug and balls, while I suck him more from behind, then sit on him while I get myself off a few times.
What comes next, or doesn’t come, is quite devious, I might say. You see, I’ve fucked my pet’s pussy hundreds of times with plugs and strapons, and unlike some guys, he has a difficult time getting and maintaining an erection when his pussy is stuffed full. So I stroke and suck him to half-hardness, climb on and ride his little willy. He is in both ecstasy and agony, as the giant plug is inhibiting his erection, and he so wants to cum. I probably laughed at him too much. Nah!
I finish off his training by holding him in a very exposed and humiliating position, and beat his balls and butt plug with the heavy wood paddle.
We know we can’t compete with the high budget pro studios here, who produce incredible fetish fantasy content, but we hope that there is some appeal in a Real Life Amateur Married Cuckoldress/Cuck couple, sharing the deranged things we’ve been doing for years!? I make no apologies for being a Cougar MILF, twice the age of most of the BEAUTIFUL models on here. We only decided to video and share what we already do to make a little extra college money for our two offspring! LOL
We sincerely hope you enjoy! Kisses, SoccerMomMistress