Americanmeangirls – The Mean Girls – Facesitting Engagement – Princess Carmela

The Mean Girls  Facesitting Engagement   Princess Carmela  preview

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It’s the perfect moment for Princess Carmela. Her bf Sir Shane is finally going 2 pop the question! A moment right out of a soap opera, will she say yes? Well the answer may need to be on hold. Turns out the slave’s face she was sitting on when being asked was sassing the back of her crack. He’s asking for air and struggling. This is HER moment, and this loser has the nerve to want to breathe? Romantic arrangements can wait, Carmela has some work to do. Clearly. She punishes the fuck out of the loser boy, riding his face in her skin tight pants. Maybe he needs to pass out. A slave don’t ask for air, right? Carmela is just mean to the max in this one! His face is almost imprinted into her pants. She’s gonna teach him not to spoil her moment by spoiling his air supply. And if he can manage to fight for air up her ass.its gonna be air that he definitely doesn’t want. LOL!!!