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Posted: March 28, 2022
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  Goddess Zephy starring in video Lick my Asshole slave preview

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It’s “hands and knees” time, loser! My asshole is worth more than your life–and I want it tongue polished!! My loser/sex slave buries his face deep in my cute cheeks, taking in the heavenly scent and seeing how far he can get his tongue up in there (which feels amazing…for me)! Of course, I enjoy making it difficult for him–I have the sharp heels of my pointy italian boots piercing into his stomach as he shines my sugar walls >:) !!! His pain only adds to my pleasure, and he worships my god-like asshole in a variety of different positions (it’s like a religion!). Then I make him dry my lovely cheeks with his face…who knew that he doubled as human toilet paper!! He is so lucky to have me find all these uses for him, and add value and purpose to his pathetic life. Oh and… all this asshole licking is in preparation for my date tonight!! All I do is use him and treat him like and he just totally worships me, what an idiot!! (at least he got my holy spit in his face! hahaha!!!)


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