Fart Slave – Domina Planet 2021, Goddess Logan online, Sniff It, Smell My Farts – ASS SMELLING

Domina Planet 2021 Goddess Logan online Sniff It Smell My Farts  ASS SMELLING preview

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Goddess Logan just finished up a grueling yoga workout, but She ate a little too soon before She started, and ended up getting a bad case of gas. The smell has been bothering Her so much She couldn’t even finish Her workout, but then She remembered; She has a slave that can be used for that!
Goddess Logan has Her slave in chains and two spreader bars, in a blinding hood, completely helpless and at Her mercy. She walks in to the bedroom, wearing a pair of black and white yoga pants and a little workout top that really highlight Her bubble butt and flat stomach. obviously in some discomfort, and approaches the slave. Leaning down, She informs him of his task today:
“Slave, something I ate earlier didn’t agree with me. It gave me some really painful gas and I need your help”
“Uh, yes Goddess. Should I get You some anti-gas pills? I would but I’m a little tied up at the moment”
“He, he, you’re gonna BE my anti-gas pills, slave”
The slave shrieks in horror, but She just sits down onto his face with Her yoga-pants covered ass, smothering the slave and shutting up his protests. Finally, She sits up off of him and pulls Her yoga pants aside, revealing Her thong-backed panties. She pulls those to the side and exposes Her bare anus. She suddenly blasts out a loud fart, immediately sitting down onto the slave’s shrieking face, smothering his protests:
“…that’s right, smell it! I want you to breathe that in deeply slave, I don’t want to smell a thing!”
The slave can be heard choking on the smell, but She shows no mercy, letting him up when he seems close to losing it, as he squirms around, trying desperately to get away but he is chained securely and Goddess Logan just reaches back and pushes his face deeper into Her ass:
“No you don’t, you’re not getting away from those farts, slave. I want to hear you sniffing it!”
She then pulls up and blasts him with another long, wet, flapping fart in his face and of course, immediately smothers him in the stench. She farts in his face, again, smothering him until he’s flopping around some, so She lets up for a second so he can quickly grab a few breaths, but then suddenly sits back down on his face and farts directly into his nose, laughing at him:
“I KNOW that one smelled good slave, I didn’t want you waste a single bit”
She keeps smothering him until She sure that he’s breathed in every last whiff of Her putrid ass gas. Over and over, She blasts fart after fart into his face, including a couple directly onto his tongue:
“Get used to that taste, slave. It’s a big part of your future”