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Posted: March 22, 2022
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Domina Planet 2021 Ravyn Alexa Passing My Smell Test  Ass Smelling preview

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Miss Ravyn Alexa has her ass slav in the dungeon. He is blindfolded and chained with his hands high above his head. He is looking forward to the next session of ass worship. The slave is surprised when she surprises her by increasing his training due to an upset stomach following a meal at a fast-food restaurant that caused her to have painful gas. The slave doesn’t know that Miss Ravyn is entering the dungeon, wearing only a min-kini with thong back and black stilettos spike heels. She slowly walks in and squats in front the blind slave.
“Well slave. A lunch gave me bad stomach gas. Therefore, I’ve decided that we will increase our training. You should become more familiar with my inner sanctum, the parts most people find disgusting. You will smell so much of mine that you’ll quickly get used it, I’m certain.”

The slave begins to protest:

“But Mistress, Your FARTS? Why do You do this to Me?

“Toilet slaves always started with this type pig training,”

Ravyn smiles and grabs the slave’s hair, pulling it towards Her naked body with one hand. Then, the slave starts to whine in horror and cry.

Slave, don’t be afraid to turn your head. You’re gonna love it!”

Her dark, swollen anus is revealed when she suddenly emits a loud, sharp, wet-sounding fart. He groans in disgust, coughing, and chokes on the horrible stench. She won’t let him try to escape the noxious cloud. He pulls his head in Her big ans and it vanishes in a crack. He is constantly rubbing his face.

“Motherfucker, deep breathing is what I want! Grab it, and swallow it all. It’s going to be a pleasure for you whether or not it’s your choice! Take a deep breath and take in every ounce of it.

He starts to gag, retching and start to givng again. This time, she rips into his face a much louder, longer, louder wet fart.

“I feel another treat coming up for you piggy. But this time, I will let your tongue get into my dirty s**t. I want to ask you to smell and taste this next one. It’s gonna make you wet.

He reluctantly inserts his tongue into Her brown fish, holding it there for a while, possibly thinking that it was only a threat. But then, she lets loose with the longest, most loudest, and most violent series of farts directly onto him and in his face. Ravyn, who is unable to stop his disgust from humilaiton, makes him cough and grumble, trying to avoid becoming sick.

“Ohhhhhhh, that was a messy one. I’m so happy to have an ass slave that will live for my sex juice! You slave, you can lick and suck this up, NOW!

He does, whining softly while he does. But, She fires another long blast at him, but this one is so intense that he is already saturated in smell and taste. But, She holds his head in place, making him inhale everything that has passed through Her bowels.

Ravyn then informs the slave she has done …. temporarily:

“I need to be a slave. When I return, there will be new treats for me. Lucky fucking pig”

…and walks from the dungeon.


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