Financial Domination – Brat Princess 2 – Kat and Natalya – Humiliation Spin Game

 Brat Princess 2  Kat and Natalya  Humiliation Spin Game  preview

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Kat and Natalya want to play a humiliation spin game with their slave. They release the eager goon from chastity. He is allowed to stroke for the pretty girls while they play. The girls have made a wheel of fortune for the game. All sorts of humiliating tasks have been added to the wheel. The girls spin. Whatever the wheel lands on the slave must endure. First up is face slapping. The slave gets two hard face slaps from each girl to start. The girls continue to spin the wheel and the slave racks up many humiliating tasks, required worship edges, and financial tributes. By the end of the game, the slave has made a big fool of himself and spent quite a lot of money. The girls don’t care how much he’s entertained them or how much he’s spent. They deny the slave an orgasm and lock him back up in chastity.