Mommas Boy – Stella Liberty – Mommy Smells So Good: Stella Liberty & Alrik Angel

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Junior gets out of the shower and finds his mommies creamy white panties sitting on the counter, and he can’t resist when his dick starts to throb. He lifts her undies to his nose and starts to stroke, stroke, stroke, stroke. But mommy walks in and finds her baby boy jerking his dingly to his mommy’s satin intimates. She’s late for a meeting and can’t be bothered with this nonsense right now, so she goes to the mirror and starts to fix her make up and tells him to wait by the door while she tells him that this is not acceptable behavior. She comes up with an idea, that maybe Junior will stop stealing her panties if she lets him sniff straight from the source. She lifts up her skirt and grab his face plunging his nose deep between her ass cheeks. He sniffs. She can tell how much she’s enjoying it and she lets him sniff while he strokes. It’s time for mommy to go to work, and it’s time for Junior to finish what he started.