Shiny Clothing – Brat Princess 2 – BP – Facesitting Trio in Shiny Outfits

 Brat Princess 2  BP  Facesitting Trio in Shiny Outfits  preview

5.94 GB – 3840*2160 – mp4 – 00:17:15

Macy, Natalya, and Kat have decided to facesit a loser together. They all wear shiny outfits and tease the slave locked in strict chastity. The girls love denying him air and smothering his face with their asses. They all giggle while he is denied oxygen. The girls keep the slave’s chastity device on a leash. They pull on the leash tightly while riding his face. Kat tramples the slave’s stomach while Natalya sits on his face. He really can’t get a breath! He’s just their plaything. The girls decide that they want to climax with the loser’s face. The girls run a train, each taking a turn to have an orgasm with his face. After all three girls have climaxed they trample him. Losers should be grateful for whatever they get from hot girls, whether its sexual use or abuse. The loser can thank the girls for their attention with a round of pedicures later.