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Posted: February 25, 2022
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Dreamgirls in Socks  Alisas Relaxing Evening preview

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Alisa wanted to unwind and enjoy a good movie after a hard day’s work. So she came over to the couch with me to sit down on the couch! Since she’s been wearing the same pair white socks all day, Alisa has been working in them. When she asks me politely to remove the sneakers so they don’t get all over the couch, she accidentally places her feet on mine! She didn’t seem to mind, even though I doubt it was an accident. She was so smelly at that point! As we watched the movie together, we had a blanket around us. Her bum was just above our crotch. It was difficult for me to hide my excitement when she sat on my forehead with her sweaty white socks. She was so close to my face that I couldn’t see much of the movie. My face is rubbed for a while by her sweaty socks, so I had to go through her socks. After spending all day in her sneakers, the socks were very hot. Alisa has me also make sure to lick her socks! She also lets me smell her sneakers’ insides! Her sneakers had a strong smell! It almost smelled a lot like pee. I wish she hadn’t peed inside her sneakers, but she didn’t tell me! It would have been so cruel! Alisa also demands that I take off her socks along with my teeth. She then begins to rub my face with her naked feet as she watches her movie. Her feet smelt so intensely, it was perfect! She loves to make me take deep, long breaths in her feet and she also likes to lick them! Alisa absolutely loves it when I touch her feet. To make her happy I had her toes sucked! This extended clip of the clip runs for 20 minutes and can be found right on the next or just below it!


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