Foot Fetish – FOXY FOOT BRATS, EVIKE, Take A Shower! – Foot Domination And Humiliation REMASTERED

  FOXY FOOT BRATS EVIKE Take A Shower  Foot Domination And Humiliation REMASTERED preview

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We worship the feet of Evike on the floor as she commander us, but she gets annoyed by our smell. It is true that we smell terrible, so Evike tells us to go take a shower! We don’t understand why she says this, but sure she knows better, so we go to the bath and eradicate the shower and bring it to Evike. But she gets very angry and says that it is not what she means! How can we know?
Sadistic brat Evike puts the metal shower in a way that she traps my hand and she commands me to kiss her feet. This is too much effort for me to go near her feet with this thing on me and Evike is so entertained with my struggle! She puts her feet in different places so I have to try all the time a lot to reach them and she laughs at me and humiliates me. She makes me worship her feet and she dominates me, this too much work for me as I try so hard to adjust, so at the end I am out of energy and Evike laughs at how loser I am (in her opinion).
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