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Posted: November 3, 2020
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THE MEAN GIRLS  Our Foot Freak Slave   Princess Amber Goddess Maci and Goddess Platinum  preview

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Princess Amber, Goddess Maci and I went shopping. We had super sexy outfits ons so we had to wear super hot high heels to match our outfits. Dumb idea, our feet were hurting so bad after. I’m not sure why we didn’t each have a slave crawling on their hands and knees as we sat on their backs getting a ride… oh yeah then we would actually have to be seen in public with those losers. Lol!! NEVER MIND!
So we get back to the Mean Girl Manor and decide to use the slave kneeling naked in the corner to worship our feet till they felt better. We totally forgot how big of a foot freak it was! Like OMG!!! The freak took so long just taking my sweaty boots off then smelling my stinky boots and sopping wet stocking feet.
We planned on a foot worship session so our feet felt better. If we would have let that freak worship our feet the way it wanted to, we would have been there all darn day and night.
I don’t get it!!!! Like I know our feet are perfect, just like the rest of us but feet???
Whatever! At least we didn’t have sore feet after. Honestly though I think that freak would beat its own step-mother just to be able to kiss one of our feet, just once. It’s got it bad! I see foot fetishes all day everyday, specially with how insanely perfect my feet are, but this freak takes it to an entirely new level. Hahaha
When you watch this clip you will see our slave is in heaven worshiping all our feet. But you will also see us laughing non stop at how ridiculous it is. It got to start with taking my boots off and worshiping my sweaty stocking feet, then take Princess Amber’s heels off and do the same, Then Goddess Maci’s heels and thigh highs. Then the freak was able to go back and take all our thigh highs off and worship all of our perfect bare feet. Jeez no wonder it was in heaven, that freak can now diie happy!!! Lol!
Well enjoy our perfect feet, almost as much as or foot freak did. Baha
Do you have a foot fetish? Are you a foot freak and obsessed with our feet as much as our loser? You know you can have the opportunity to worship or feet too. Start by sending a Minimum $50 tribute and email me telling me what you would do just for the opportunity to worship any or all our perfect feet. Then beg me!


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