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Posted: August 21, 2021
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The Mean Girls  Simping for Lexi Chase  Part 1 preview

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Miss Lexi Chase is a victim of a simp who visits her hotel room to visit and grovel at the feet of her while she chats with her boyfriend. She has it make her thousands of money and then place it under her feet to pay tribute. Miss Chase has rejected this particular simp for many years. It still wants to be in her life. She laughs and tells her BF that “DumDum” is pleading for her right now. She tells her BF about all her simps. They find it funny how poorly she treats them. She and her BF are both amused when Lexi insults Lexi’s simps. They call them mean names, but they still worship the ground on which she walks and do whatever she tells them.
The loser just keeps on kissing Miss Chase at her tiny 5 feet, telling her how perfect it is. While all she does it is to laugh at it and insult her and remind her how little it means. She giggles and tells the simp that it doesn’t matter how much he worships her, spends time on her, or does anything she wants, it won’t be enough. It will be used, and then walked all over. For the simp, there is no other choice. Miss Chase can use the simp, but she won’t let it. Instead, she will mistreat it and walk all over them. Miss Chase would prefer to use the simp and walk all over it than for her to discard it completely. Please!
Miss Chase ends her relationship with the simp when his money runs out. The simp is so sad that he agrees take Miss Chase shopping for designer heels so he can enjoy her beauty more.


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