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Posted: July 13, 2021
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Astro Domina  WRAPPED AND TRAMPLED preview

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Very simple – just me, my immobile sub and my feet and body weight the loser.
Sydney has her loser sub right where she wants him. Wrapped up in plastic wrap with nowhere to go, the wrapping is way too strong for him to even move, he can just lay there like a doormat, which is convenient because that’s what he’s going to become today! She taunts him a bit before jumping up on him, enjoying his grunts beneath her.
He had requested a foot domination session, but perhaps he got more than what he bargained for! Sydney is ruthless as she walks up and down his body, stepping on his chest, legs, face and cock. Her steps turn into kicks, and her kicks quickly turn into jumps! She’s absolutely destroying this loser underneath her but he seems to love it.
She even stands on his face and throat, making it hard for him to breathe. She loves the feeling of power over his life like this, he’s just a worthless carpet to her anyway. Will he last throughout the entire trample session? Watch and find out!


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