Lesbian Foot Worship – Bratty Foot Girls – Reagan Lush, Stella Liberty – Miss Stella Liberty’s Brutal Foot gagging Lesson 1

Bratty Foot Girls  Reagan Lush Stella Liberty  Miss Stella Libertys Brutal Foot gagging Lesson 1 preview

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Now at her third college, Reagan just can’t stop getting herself in all kinds of strife! Her new teacher Miss Liberty has called her in to complain about a number of issues she has with her new student. She’s heard all about her misgivings from her previous teachers and knows there’s only one way to reprimand her. By aggressively forcing her student to remove her sweaty heels and make her lick, suck, and GAG on her long sumptuous feet and toes. Miss Liberty is incredibly cruel and has no mercy om her student Reagan, making her lick every inch of sweat off her soles before ramming her head down hard on her toes and making her cry tears on mascara everywhere as she does her best to suck her teachers feet. Poor Reagan has no idea just how bad it’s about to become for her!