Stinky socks – Goddess Zephy – Zephy’s Stinky Workout Feet

Goddess Zephy  Zephys Stinky Workout Feet preview

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My foot slave is SO lucky–I’ve worn my cute pink/white stripped tube socks for 4 consecutive workouts this week, and these are my stinky, grimy Converse shoes…they totally reek!! Before I allow the honor of sniffing my superior feet, my slave has to lick the bottom of gym tennies! Ew!!! I remind him that I was in the women’s bathroom (wonder what all I’ve stepped in lol!!). My Converse are no joke with the potency– when they come off, the scent fills an entire room lol. My slave gets rock hard sniffing my feet on his knees and eventually, I even let him remove my cute socks and kiss every inch of my sweaty, smelly goddess feet! I also snap my fingers and have him lick my feet– all the sweat and foot grime from a long workout at the gym, making sure to lick any dirt and lint between my toes….it feels SO amazing to have my alpha feet licked by a slave….it makes me wet!!! I could have this done all day, every day >:)