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Posted: May 9, 2023
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English Speaking Custom request – The powerful and seductive Mistress Gaia has successfully lured the leader of the rebels. He enters her lair in order to rescue his captured agent (from the previous two scenes). He finds her seated cross legged on her throne. She welcomes him seductively. “Now that you’re here, you’re MINE” She stands up slowly revealing to him her height and incredible physique. She walks slowly towards him. He prepares for hand to hand combat. She is not concerned. He throws a “punch” (pretend) at her stomach. It has no effect. He tries again. Nothing. She chuckles. He tries one last punch to her face but she easily catches his fist in her hand. He futilely struggles to break free as she squeezes his captured hand. She then grabs his throat and pulls him close. She proceeds to lift him off his feet by the neck (using the same 2 shot camera technique you did in the last scene!). Shot of his feet dangling next to her gorgeous legs. “At last, I have you.” She drops him. She walks around him, her hands and arms caressing him sensually. “Let me tell you what I have planned, my love. I’m going to break you and once you’re broken, I will make you want me. Then you will belong to me.” “Let’s begin” She wraps her arms around him and lifts him in bear hug. His feet are off the ground. His arms are free. He feels her beautiful arms as he tries in vain to break free. “I’ve waited a long time for this moment: to have you in my grip.” She has him. She is very sensual despite the fact that she is squeezing him. She releases him. She caresses his face like a lover “You belong to me, my love” She lifts him off his feet again in another crush. This time his arms are pinned. His legs dangle again. “No, my love. There is no escape. Feel my strength as I slowly crush you” She is a lovely python She releases him again. She pulls his head back into hers and whispers in his ear “You belong to me. The sooner you submit the better”. She lifts him in a reserve bear hug. “You’re helpless” squeezing him is sexually exciting her. She releases him and holds him facing her under the armpits. “I will enjoy you greatly, my love” She gently lifts him “Who do you belong to, my love?” He begins to break. She is pleased. She drops him. He crumples to the floor. We cut to a location where she can easily wrap her legs around his waist. She is sitting with her gorgeous legs crossed. “Come to me” He does. “Kneel before me” He does… She takes his head in one hand, like a lover “Who do you belong to?” He belongs to her. She crosses her perfect legs. He cannot resist. She then opens her legs and pulls his body between them and closes them around him. She slowly crushes his waist between her thighs. “Since you have submitted, you are now my own. You may try to break free.” He pushes on her thighs but it’s no good. “You see? mine” She squeezes slowly until he yelps out in her grip “All mine” She releases him and crosses her legs in victory…Also available in Iphone/mobile Format


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