Dildos – Natashas Bedroom – Total Anal Violation Tasks

 Natashas Bedroom  Total Anal Violation Tasks  preview

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You crave more than just a little bit of ass play. You need TOTAL anal violation. What a lucky little butt boy you are, because I’m going to make you into the biggest, filthiest, most utterly depraved buttslut you can be.
This is not a JOI clip. Today is all about your ass and only about your ass. Not a single distracting stroke will be allowed, but you won’t miss it. The perverted pleasure of violating that puckered hole is entirely consuming.
You will need: a buttplug, spoon, marker, dildo (preferably two), and an optional saved load of cum.
Of course, I’m not going to tell you exactly how that ass will be defiled today. The designs of my twisted mind are best enjoyed in the moment. But just take a moment and look at the list of supplies listed above. Let your mind run wild with the possibilities. You’re imagining lots of naughty things, aren’t you? Stretching, stuffing, double stuffing, ass to mouth…and much, much more.
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