Make Me Bi – Princess Beverly – In Chastity And Pimped Out

 Princess Beverly  In Chastity And Pimped Out  preview

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You begged me to put you in chastity and now here it is! What are you going to do now??? Just watch it and jerk off??? Or are you going to follow all the instructions? Good slave, I know after I spent the time to make this you are actually going to do it right! Yes you are oh and I have a little news for you once I have those keys, I am pimping your ass and mouth out, haha! Yessss, you are going to get the full treatment for real! Enjoy your new life as by chastity slave, pimped out little whore! Her Loser Vs. My Loser I am talking on the phone with my girlfriend from school about the losers at and your name was mentioned quite a bit, haha! I told her about how you tried to buy me lunch and I humiliated you by making you buy some for my boyfriend as well. Oh, and I made you curtsey as you delivered it like a complete pussy! That was right before I dragged you to the drama club and had you sign up to play Tinkerbell in local play. Next, I called you on the phone and reminded you to drive me to ballet class. But this time I need you to wear a pink leotard and tights because I need another ballerina in my dance class there too. Don’t forget to wear a tutu! haha! I want you already wearing it when you pick me up!