Mind Fuck – Humiliation POV – Virtual Enslavement To The Brats Of HumiliationPOV

 Humiliation POV  Virtual Enslavement To The Brats Of HumiliationPOV  preview

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This clip has intense audio and visual effects and is best viewed in a dark room with headphones on to fully experience the mindwashing experience. The audio contains mesmerizing music, binaural tones, echo effects, and distorted voice modifications. The audio is by Tessa Fields, one of the top mesmerize dommes you’ve ever heard. This is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Every time you put your hand on your mouse you will be reminded of your addiction. Once you plug in, you may never come back…
Allow your mind to follow the sound of my voice. It is so easy to follow my voice as it lead you down. Just breathe as you allow your waking mind to drift off. Breathe in all of my words, and as you exhale, push out all of your other thoughts. Breathe me in, and breathe you out. It isn’t even necessary to think right now, just let your thoughts drift. You will always find your way to my voice. Let my voice guide you. Feel yourself losing yourself in my words as you drift and sink down even deeper. I know you want to go even deeper as your will simply melts away.
Do you ever wonder how you ended up here? How easily the sound of a female voice effects you. How weak you become. Just as weak as you feel every day when you come to HumiliationPOV. There is probably a small part of you that tries to stay away. You try and hang on to a shred of the man that you once hoped to be. But the harder you try to stay away, the more difficult it becomes to resist. You know that you cannot stay away. Can you feel the addiction, the obsession? It was no accident that you ended up here. From the first time your cock began to tingle looking at all the girls, enjoying the way they laugh at you, and mock you and tease you. Leading you around so easily by using your weaknesses against you. You discovered a place where you could finally be who you were meant to be.
No orgasm has ever compared with the ones you experienced here. Making you crave more. You understand that you need what you find here. Nothing else makes you this hard. The addiction has already begun to take place, and it only gets stronger, making you weaker. The laughing, the teasing, the taunting, the beautiful women turning you into a jerking horny compulsively masturbation addict. Addicted to the brats of HumiliationPOV. Can you notice now how the reminder of your addiction turns you on?
You know that there is no escape, this obsession will only grow stronger. Each and every day as you sit by your computer and that hand touches your mouse, you will immediately be reminded of your obsession, of how hard we make you. You love falling into the same trap over and over. As you jerk yourself into mindless oblivion over and over again. This compulsive masturbation has brought you to this addiction. You’re just a horny wanking loser. Each and every time you touch that mouse, you will feel how hard you get. You begin to throb as you think of how you cannot and will not stay away. Hopelessly addicted. The obsession grows stronger, and we grow stronger as you grow weaker.
Every time you sit in front of your computer you will be reminded of your obsession and how hard we make you. And how you’re completely unable to stay away. You fall into our trap over and over. You cannot stay away. You are addicted. Each and every time you put your hand on your mouse, you will be reminded of how it feels to have your hand between your legs as you log on. You will need to login over and over again. Addicted and obsessed, completely hopeless. Trapped and owned by the goddesses of HumiliationPOV. Jerking yourself over and over again, unable to get your fill. Give your pathetic life some meaning knowing that your only purpose is to serve and obey. You are unable to stay away from this place. You are trapped here forever. And even if you muster the will to leave, you know what will happen, what always happens. You will put your hand on your mouse and immediately be reminded of where you need to be. You’re hopelessly addicted to brats of HumiliationPOV. You’re so hard at the thought of your addiction. There is no escape from this place.