Religious – Humiliation POV – My Tight Young Ass Is Your New God, Pray To It Idiot – Raevyn Rose

 Humiliation POV  My Tight Young Ass Is Your New God Pray To It Idiot   Raevyn Rose preview

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HumiliationPOV introduces our newest Brat, Raevyn Rose! She has the hottest, tightest young ass you will ever worship.
You’re already on your knees, ready to worship aren’t you? Worship my ass. Worship my perfect young body. You love having someone, or rather something to look up to. It makes you feel so good. My ass is going to get inside of your head. I’m going to make sure it’s the first thing you think of when you wake up and the last thing you think of before you go to bed. I will embed my ass so deep in your brain that you will dream about it.
My ass is your God, and you will bow down and pray to it daily. You will have no other Gods before my ass. Just look at it, you feel yourself falling to your knees, desperate to worship it. It hold so much power over you. Nothing feels better than being on your knees for my ass. You love my ass, you live to see my ass. My ass is your meaning of life. Everything you work for is for my ass. It looks so good doesn’t it? You can’t resist it.
It’s so young and tight, so far above you. You know you’re completely unworthy of my ass. So all you can do is stroke your brains out to it. Beg me to see more of my ass. I am your God, my ass is your God and I am everything you want. I am all you can think about. Keep jerking to it. Keep begging for it, keep praying to it. Degrade yourself for my ass, it will feel so fucking good.
Now I want you stroking on your knees, praying that you’ll get to see my ass every single day. Worship me, worship my ass. And once you cum, you will never be the same. You will never be able to cum any other way. My ass will be forever imprinted in your mind. You will need my ass to cum. Devote yourself and your cum to me, your new God. Good boy.