Human Furniture – THE MEAN GIRLS – Kick The Furniture – Goddess Suvana, Princess Cindi an…

THE MEAN GIRLS  Kick The Furniture   Goddess Suvana Princess Cindi an preview

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Kick The Furniture. Starring Goddess Suvana, Princess Cindi and Goddess Rodea
We decide to have more fun by putting the ball kicking slave on its hands n knees and playing a game with it. 2 girls sit on its back and use it as furniture and the 3rd girl gets to run up from behind and give it some “snap kicks” between its legs to try to get the slave to “DROP” the 2 girls! Human furniture needs to be TRAINED, you know! Haha. After all, REAL furniture would NEVER drop its owners no matter how hard it was kicked! lol…
To make it even MORE fun for us – and emotionally cruel for the slave – we make the slave turn over a card before each “round”- and the number that comes up is the number of kicks it needs to take in its balls while holding 2 of us up for that round! Poor slave is eventually trembling as it turns a card over, just HOPING that it gets a low number! LOL
-FEATURING: Goddess Suvana, Princess Cindi, Goddess Rodea