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Posted: August 5, 2022
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For those of you who aren’t already aware, the location I film in is a swingers club, and when I arrived this morning ,he first thing I saw was the mop and bucket, filled with very dirty and disgusting water that had been used to clean the entire club, including the toilets! “What a perfect opportunity” I thought. So I decided to put the industrial sized mop and bucket to good use, and gave my filthy, smelly slave a good cleaning! I soak his entire body with the filthy water, and give his face an extra good dowsing! I force him to chew on the mop for me, to suck on the stringy strands to show me just how far I can deprive him of his senses. What a disgusting filthy fucker he is! This mop is drenched in cum from thousands of men, bare foot crust from thousands of people. Spit, pee and other toilet juice from the entire club, and now he’s sucking on it! I finish up by pouring the bucket of filthy water into his face! FILTHY DISGUSTING FUCKER!


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