Human Ashtray – Mistress Gaia starring in video ‘Tight Desire’

Mistress Gaia starring in video Tight Desire preview

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Today I want you to experience your fantasy with me. I am going to completely and tightly bind you in cling film. Then I will add another tight wrapping of pvc tape from head to foot, so fucking tight you can’t move. All you can do is wriggle and squirm for me. I will then add a nice tight leather head harness O-ring gag to your mouth to keep it wide. I so enjoy hearing that sucking sound as you try to breath. I leave you there to suffer and struggle while I go shopping. On my return, I can see you are extremely hot on top of my Black leather sheet. Also your mummification is having the desired effect as your temperature rises inside you plastic cocoon. While I was out I did a lot of walking, so I need to relax with a cigarette. I will use you as my human ashtray, and you will swallow all my ash, and enjoy my smoke. When I’m finished, I’ll stub my end out in your mouth leaving you to enjoy your suffering as you struggle and squirm in your Tight Desire…