Stinky feet – Bratty Foot Girls – Sasha Foxxx, Morgan Delray, Carmen Luck – Sasha, Morgan punish Carmen in the facebox

Bratty Foot Girls  Sasha Foxxx Morgan Delray Carmen Luck  Sasha Morgan punish Carmen in the facebox preview

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Carmen has made a big mistake, While her co0brats have been out all day, she decided to have some playtime with their shared house slave and stupidly got tricked into getting into the facebox by him, in turn he has escaped from their clutches! Sasha and Morgan return home to find Carmen trapped in the box and ask her what happened. They are furious with her when they find out their slave escaped, they had been out prepping their very stinky feet for him to really torment him. Now he has gone they have no choice bu to turn on their fellow brat Carmen who will now take the full brunt of their smelly soles. The girls perch over her and start removing their sweaty sneakers. The horrible smell hits Carmen as the reality now dawns on her as they tape her mouth shut. The two queen brats start rubbing their smelly toes all over Carmens face, trapping her beneath the 4 soles. Carmen can’t do anything but take it and breathe in the nasty stink. The girls take turns using her face as a sole rest, making sure she learns her lesson.