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Posted: May 20, 2023
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The rubber tightens around his body, sucking out every last bubble of air until e is completely trapped. Movement is no longer possible. He is Mistress Evilyne’s toy now, to do with as She pleases. Being in a vacuum, it seems fitting to stop him from breathing. Restriction is the name of the game here, and Mistress Evilyne knows how to get him gasping for breath. She wants to get him into a state of complete panic. He can’t struggle, He can’t even move his head sideways. He is completely paralysed and She is going to take advantage of that to give him one of the ost terrifying experiences of his life…The more he struggles in the vacuum bed, the more sadistic Mistress Evilyne feels. She is relishing every second of his suffering. Smothering him with Her leather gloved hands, She smiles and laughs as he struggles for breath with every muscle of his body, knowing that there is no way out. He is now high on oxygen starvation, and therefore perfect prey for Her favourite activity. Out comes the dragon tail, and his balls are the target. His fragile cock and balls are so very Exposed-Fantasy under the shiny black rubber. So easy to destroy. Kicks, punches, slaps, hits with the knee… nothing is too much for Mistress Evilyne. Never mind if he can handle it, She is having far too much fun. There is a heavy wooden paddle waiting to be used. She garbs hold of it and uses it to completely annihilate what is left of his precious **** jewels. Men are nothing but insects under the feet of Mistress Evilyne, there to be crushed.He is now resigned to his fate, even begging Mistress Evilyne to hurt him more. She happily obliges of course, beating his balls with Her wooden paddle again and again. Enjoying the slipperiness of the rubber so much, Mistress Evilyne climbs on top of him and tramples him, sliding around on his body and jumping up and down in Her heavy combat boots. Every so often, She puts Her full weight on his cock and lets Her foot slide over it and over the balls, causing excruciating pain in the process. Clearly not satisfied with the amount of pain She has given him, She returns to kicking him hard with Her heavy boots, decided to continue until he breaks…


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